About Douglas Melzer

Douglas Melzer is a respected businessman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a well-documented professional career that began in the Marine Corps.  At 18, he joined the United State Marine Corps.  After graduating Marine Corps boot camp (MCRD – Parris Island, SC) he was ordered to report to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama, the Army’s 59th Ordnance Brigade – Ordnance Munitions Center and home to NASA’s Marshall Space Center.  

Scoring high on physical and psychological evaluations, Douglas Melzer soon received orders to complete the Navy School of Explosives Ordnance Disposal School in Indian Head, MD.  Upon graduation, he was instructed to report to Camp Pendleton, CA where he was to complete Infantry Training Battalion, School Of Infantry.  Soon after graduating from SOI, Douglas was approached by his battalion executive officer and convinced to take the Marine Reconnaissance Indoc at Camp Horno – Camp Pendleton.  The screening process is used to test potential candidates in combat swimming, physical stamina, and endurance.  Melzer would serve as a team member of Marine SOTG (Special Operations Training Group), III MEF, Okinawa Japan and training 3rd Reconnaissance Company C, Camp Schwab, III MAGTF, Okinawa Japan.  Later, he would serve as a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Instructor, SOTG, 1st MAGTF – Camp Pendleton, CA.

Panama 1989

As the years passed,  he became highly efficient in CQC (Close Quarters Combat), leading to extensive training in martial arts (Okinawa, Japan – Olongapo, Philippine Islands) and competing overseas for the Marine Corps kickboxing team.

In December -1990, while on a mission directed deployment, Doug was injured in combat and, in the coming years, released with high honors from the Marine Corps. Douglas is a Marine Corps Disabled Combat Veteran.

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With the success of his business, he was given the opportunity to enter the corporate world. There, he continued his success in building a large client list including some of the top professional athletes in their given sports.  Currently, Douglas Melzer is the Managing Principal of AIG Partners Group – The Next Generation Group, an Estate Planning & Insurance agency headquartered in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.  He remains married to his wife of  23 years and is the father of five boys, Casey, Corey, Colby, Campbell, and Carter.

Douglas Melzer & his family
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